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Families with the Mormon Battalion March of 1846-48
500 Wagons Stood Still
This website provides biographies and histories of the wives, their husbands and children and other family members who accompanied the Mormon Battalion on their 2000 mile march to California during the 1846-48 Mexican War.

All but five of the wives and most of the children left the main body of the Mormon Battalion in three separate detachments at various points along the way.  They wintered in Pueblo, Colorado until May 24, 1847, when the Captain James Brown Company took them to the Great Salt Lake Valley.  The five women who made it to California remained there until their husbands were discharged on July 16, 1847 at Fort Moore in Los Angeles. 

We feel that it is important to keep alive the promise that Brigham Young made during the 1855 Mormon Battalion Jubilee held at Salt Lake City, when he said:  "As the lord lives, you will never be forgotten...but will be held in honorable remembrance for ever and ever."

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Families with the Mormon Battalion March of 1846-48

Map of the March

500 Wagons Stood Still

Website supported by independent historians Gaylen and Shirley Maynes, life members of the Mormon Battalion Association.

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