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Families with the Mormon Battalion March of 1846-48
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Roster of the Mormon Battalion Families of 1846-48

Routes to the Salt Lake Valley Births and Deaths on the March
HT-Co = Holmes - Thompson Co.
JB-Co = James Brown Co.
EB-Co=Ebenezer Brown Co.
w = born or died on the way
p = born or died in Pueblo

Family Name Age at the time of march Marched to California or Pueblo Born in Pueblo or on the way Died in Pueblo or on the way Route traveled to Utah
Abbott, Ruth Markham


p     JB-Co
  Abbott, Joshua - Husband 41 p     JB-Co
Adams, Susan Smith 27 p     JB-Co
  Adams, Orson B. - Husband 31 p     JB-Co
Allred, Elzadie Emeline Ford 19 p     JB-Co
  Allred, Reuben W. - Husband 19 p     JB-Co
Allred, Eliza Bridget Mainwaring 26 p     JB-Co
  Allred, James T. S. - Husband 21 p     JB-Co
  Allred, Fent - Died -- -- w w -----
Bosco, Jane Died Unknown --   w -----
  Bosco, John - Husband, Died Unknown --   w -----
Brown, Agnes Unknown p     Unknown
  Brown, Edmund L. - Husband Unknown Cal     Unknown
Brown, Eunice Reasor 38 p     JB-Co
  Brown, James "P" - Husband 43 p     JB-Co
  Brown, Sarah Jane daughter 15 p     JB-Co
  Brown, Mary Ann daughter 4 p     JB-Co
  Brown, Neuman son 16 p     JB-Co
  Brown, Robert H. son 14 p     JB-Co
  Brown, John Taylor son Unknown -- p   JB-Co
Brown, Harriet St. John 16 p     JB-Co
  Brown, Daniel - Husband 23 p     JB-Co
Brown, Mary McCree Black 26 p     JB-Co
  Brown, Capt. James - Husband 44 p     JB-Co
  Black, George David Jr.- son 6 p     JB-Co
  Brown, Jesse Sowell stepson 22 p     JB-Co
  Brown, Alexander stepson 20 p     JB-Co
Brown, Phebe Draper Palmer 48 Cal     EB-Co
  Brown, Ebenezer - Husband 43 Cal     EB-Co
  Palmer, Zemira - Son 15 Cal     EB-Co
Button, Mary Bittles 30 p     JB-Co
  Button, Montgomery - Husband 33 p     JB-Co
  Button, James H. son 10 p     JB-Co
  Button, Jutson Sowell - stepson 6 p     JB-Co
  Button, Louisa Mary daughter 4 p     JB-Co
  Button, Samuel son 3 p     JB-Co
Coray, Melissa Burton 18 Cal     HT-Co
  Coray, William - Husband 23 Cal     HT-Co
Davis, Nancy Brown 15 Cal     Unknown
  Davis, Eleazer - Husband 19 Cal     Unknown
Davis, Susan Moses 21 Cal     Independent
  Davis, Capt. Daniel C. 42 Cal     Independent
  Davis, Daniel Coon Jr. stepson 4 Cal     Independent
Hanks, Jane Wells Cooper 28 p     JB-Co
  Hanks, Ebenezer - Husband 31 p     JB-Co
Hess, Emeline Bigler 21 p     JB-Co
  Hess, John Wells - Husband 21 p     JB-Co
Higgins, Sarah Blackman 40 p     JB-Co
  Higgins, Capt. Nelson - Husband 39 p     JB-Co
  Higgins, Almira daughter 16 p     JB-Co
  Higgins, Alfred son 13 p     JB-Co
  Higgins, Drusilla daughter 12 p     JB-Co
  Higgins, Nelson Daniel son 10 p     JB-Co
  Higgins, Heber Kimball son 6 p     JB-Co
  Higgins, Carlos Smith son 4 p     JB-Co
  Higgins, Wealthy Matilda daughter -- -- p   JB-Co
Hirons, Mary Ann Jameson 21 p     JB-Co
  Hirons, James - Husband 25 p     JB-Co
Hunt, Celia Mounts 46 p     JB-Co
  Hunt, Capt. Jefferson - Husband 42 Cal     LH-Co
  Hunt, Gilbert son 21 p     JB-Co
  Daley, Nancy Ann Hunt daughter 19 did not go     -----
  Hunt, Marshall son 18 Cal     LH-Co
  Hunt, Jane daughter 15 p     JB-Co
  Hunt, John son 13 p     JB-Co
  Hunt, Harriet daughter 11 p     JB-Co
  Hunt, Joseph son 9 p     JB-Co
  Hunt, Hyrum son 6 p     JB-Co
  Hunt, Parley son, died 1 p   p -----
  Hunt, Mary daughter 1 p     JB-Co
Hunt, Matilda Nease 18 p     JB-Co
  Hunt, Capt. Jefferson - Husband 42 Cal     LH-Co
  Nease, Peter brother 12 p     JB-Co
  Nease, Ellen sister 10 p     JB-Co
Hunter, Lydia Ann Edmunds - died 22 Cal   w -----
  Hunter, Capt. Jessee 42 Cal     Unknown
  Hunter, Diego son -- -- w   -----
  Hunter, William stepson 16 Cal     Unknown
Huntington, Fanny Maria Allen 35 p     JB-Co
  Huntington, Dimick - Husband 38 p     JB-Co
  Huntington, Clark Allen son 15 p     JB-Co
  Huntington, Lot Elisha son 12 p     JB-Co
  Huntington, Martha Zena daughter 2 p     JB-Co
  Huntington, Betsy Prescinda daughter -- -- p p -----
Kelley, Malinda Allison 30 p     JB-Co
  Kelley, Milton - Husband, Died 38 --   w -----
  Kelley, Catherine Malinda daughter -- -- p   JB-Co
Kelley, Sarah Pierce 26 p     JB-Co
  Kelley, Nicholas 29 p     JB-Co
  Bathrick, Raymond Parley stepson 18 p     JB-Co
  Bathrick, Betsy daughter 1 p     JB-Co
Luddington, Mary Eliza Clark 22 p     JB-Co
  Luddington, Elam - Husband 39 p     JB-Co
  Clark, Jane Tibbetts Tuttle mother 48 p     JB-Co
  Clark, Sanford - Father 50 p     JB-Co
  Luddington, Angeline Adeline daughter 1 p     JB-Co
Sessions, Caroline Emeline 24 p     JB-Co
  Sessions, John - Husband 25 p     JB-Co
  Sessions, Baby - Child - Died -- --   w -----
  Sessions, Richard Father-in-Law 47 Cal     LH-Co
  Sessions, William Bradford Brother-in-Law 19 Cal     LH-Co
Sharp, Martha Jane Sargent 19 p     JB-Co
  Sharp, Norman - Husband, Died 17 --   w -----
  Mowrey, Harley - Husband 23 p     JB-Co
  Sharp, Sarah Ellen daughter -- p     JB-Co
  Sargent, Caroline sister 10 p     JB-Co
  Sargent, Abel Morgan father 48 p     JB-Co
Shelton, Elizabeth Trains 40 p     JB-Co
  Shelton, Sebert C. 53 p     JB-Co
  Mayfield, Benjamin Franklin son 20 Cal     Unknown
  Mayfield, Andrew Jackson son 17 p     JB-Co
  Mayfield, John son 15 p     JB-Co
  Mayfield, Sarah daughter 12 p     JB-Co
  Shelton, Emily Caroline stepdaughter 16 p     JB-Co
  Shelton, Marion Jackson stepson 13 p     JB-Co
  Shelton, Abraham Cooper son 5 p     JB-Co
  Shelton, Thomas H. B. son 14 p     JB-Co
  Shelton, Mary Elizabeth daughter 4 p     JB-Co
Shupe, Sarah Coats Prunty 24 p     JB-Co
  Shupe, James Wright - Husband 23 p     JB-Co
  Shupe, Elizabeth Margaret daughter -- -- p   JB-Co
Smith, Rebecca 48 p     JB-Co
  Smith, Elisha, Husband, Died 48 --   w -----
Steele, Catherine Campbell 30 p     JB-Co
  Steele, John - Husband 25 p     JB-Co
  Steele, Mary Campbell daughter 5 p     JB-Co
  Steele, Young Elizabeth daughter -- -- Born in the Salt Lake Valley
Tubbs, Huldah Sophia Smith Gribble 16 p     JB-Co
  Gribble, W. - Husband, Divorced 29 p     JB-Co
  Tubbs, William - Husband 22 p     JB-Co
Wilkin, Isabella McNair 23 p     JB-Co
  Wilkin, David - Husband 26 p     JB-Co
Williams, Albina Merrill 19 p     JB-Co
  Williams, Thomas S. - Husband 19 p     JB-Co
  Williams, Caroline Marion daughter 3 p     JB-Co
  Williams, Ephraim Thomas son 1 p     JB-Co
  Williams, Phoebe Isabella daughter -- -- p   JB-Co
  Merrill, Phebe Lodema sister 13 p     JB-Co

Note: William and Melissa Coray's son, William Coray, was born October 2, 1847 in Monterey, California.  He died soon after his birth.
James Polly and Eunice Reasor Brown's son, John Taylor Brown, was born June 2, 1847 in Douglas County, Colorado as the James Brown Company was on the way to the Salt Lake Valley.


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